TMSCOM - Turnover Management System for Commissioning



The plant commissioning progress and related handover will be managed by ISS International through its property software, the TMSCOM®: Turnover Management System for COMmissioning.

The TMSCOM is the software that will be used to control and track all work during Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning stages managing the turnover phases, for this reason it is defined “Turnover Management System” for Commissioning.


This software is tailored, through the “TMSCOM engineer”, to the specific Precommissioning and Commissioning Project. It allows more than 10 users simultaneous access into the system for an on-line update and/or view, using a normal TCP/IP network.

It’s a duty of the Turnover Coordination group, along with Project Teamwork cooperation, to collect then the data required. To understand the potential of this software note how the TMSCOM is inserted in the management offered by ISS International for the Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning activities.

Thus as logic consequence of these above actions the “Turnover Management System” is needed to monitor and control in detail the progress of the planned Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning activities. For this purpose TMSCOM shall be populated with all necessary data required creating a Detailed Database.

The Database shall report for each Unit:

Once implemented the Database it is possible to record, at all times in real time, the percentage of work done, and to identify blockages in the work. Each system will have a turnover package of Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning dossier associated with it.

This allows, inter alia, jointly Construction and Commissioning Team, through the Turnover Coordinator, to manage and trace all relevant information and documentation.

When the Pre-Commissioning work on each utility system is complete it can then be commissioned providing it is safe to do so

TMSCOM is the appropriate tool to follow the Company policies, procedures and quality (QA/QC) checks, in order to administrate all the documentation and to control the handover of the facilities from CONTRACTOR to the COMPANY.

Just as example the Turnover Management System will be able to manage:

The Turnover Management System will allow to:

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