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Bribery Prevention


ISS International SpA establishes, documents, implements, maintains, reviews continuously and where necessary improves the Management System for the Prevention of Corruption in compliance with requirements and including the necessary processes and their interactions as stipulated by UNI ISO 37001: 2016.

The Management System for the Prevention of Corruption was designed taking into account both internal and external factors, relevant requirements for parties involved and the results of the Corruption Risk assessment conducted by applying those methods defined to identify and assess the risk of corruption and prevent, track down and tackle corruption.

Corruption is often disguised, it can be difficult to prevent, detect and confront. In spite of this the Management is actively committed to:

  • Prevent, detect and confront corruption in relation to the organization's business or activities;
  • Implement reasonable and appropriate measures within the organization to prevent, detect and tackle corruption.

In this regard, ISS International SpA permits all employees or third parties to report, also in a confidential or anonymous manner on internal control system issues (compliance with external laws and regulations, as well as corporate rules and procedures, fraud on corporate assets and information, the administrative liability of the company, etc.) or other matters in violation of the Code of Ethics (behavioral ethics, workplace bullying, harassment, conflicts concerning personnel management, etc.).


Employees and third parties can report in good faith, problems on:

  • Internal control system concerning the failure to comply with laws or regulations, as well as rules established within the internal regulatory system of ISS International SpA, including proposed evidence
  • Violations of rules and principles contained within the ISS International SpA Code of Ethics (e.g. issues relating to business ethics, workplace bullying, harassment, conflicts concerning personnel management).

Reports made in bad faith or that may allude to slander or defamation are excluded.

It should be noted that, where considered necessary, ISS International SpA may contact the reporting party, provided that consent is granted that party, in order to obtain clarifications and / or further details concerning the facts reported. Also, that the report as well as the identity of the reporting person are managed in such a way so as to guarantee and respect total confidentiality.

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