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ISS International has a great experience in supplying maintainable, reliable and cost effective systems and have demonstrated proficiency in managing activities provided for new programs recently developed.
The maintenance results reached ensure sustainability for the demanding of systems utilization requirements and at the same time it has contributed to reduce Life Cycle Cost and to obtain availability figure in line with tender contractual requirements.
To achieve the above results, ISS International develops Maintenance Engineering activities to ensure that supportability is a design consideration early in the design stage and that the logistics factors are considered as well as the primary factors. The overall approach is presented in the figure below.
As key factor during design ISS International uses maintenance engineering (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability - RAM analysis/process), that defines the maintenance tasks to minimize the possibility of future system failure, reduce or minimize wear rates and replace consumable parts. The inspections intervals are planned to minimize maintenance cost providing high system availability figure without reduce the safety during service. These Maintenance characteristics are based on the inherent reliability of the main sub-systems.
The management of maintenance activities is implemented by means of an in-use procedure in accordance with internationally accepted standards rules. The application of these standards starts at the time of system design, monitors the impact of project development through the Design Reviews and continues during system operation.
ISS lays particular attention during all plant design phases for the maintainability and reliability qualitative requirements such as: accessibility, interchangeability, modularity, testability, reliability, simplicity of the design. In this way, ISS International ensures the satisfaction of the main targets requested in the tender documents including minimum life cycle cost:

  • To maximize availability / minimize maintenance costs;
  • To minimize downtime and number of maintenance personnel;
  • To minimize special and high skill levels for maintenance.

In conclusion, ISS International assures that:

  • Maintenance, in accordance with the contract requirements, shall be designed into the sub-systems in a cost-effective manner;
  • Data coming from history, including lesson learned from other similar sub-systems, shall be considered and used when applicable;
  • For each sub-system, failure modes and effects shall be identified, evaluated and when possible reduced or eliminated;
  • Actions to improve Maintenance shall be considered;
  • Any changes in design shall be accomplished in a manner that follows the basic maintenance contractual requirements;
  • Shall be established requirements for logistic support disciplines (material support, technical publications, training, levels of repair etc.).




Maintenance Engineering
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