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Engineering support/purpose

Improve Plant Profitability
"Do you suffer from lengthy start-ups, difficulty in meeting
product specifications and unplanned downtime?"
Process industry audits estimate that only 20% of control loops
reduce process variability while 80% actually increase it! Our service enables our clietns to understand the source of bottlenecks, process upsets, and quality problems, thus helping identify opportunities to eliminate them. It is possible, also, to evaluate control strategies, tuning parameters, and model startups and shutdowns to improve plant performance.

The Case Study Tool
The Case Study Tool automates the collection and presentation
of sensitivity analysis results. It enables engineers to identify key variables for optimisation, determine process sensitivities and understand relationships between operations. Results may be presented in 2D or 3D plots and tabular format. The case study is an excellent tool for process exploration prior to detailed optimisation.


... dynamic simulation for

We provide engineering services that involve our team using SIMULATION Tools, helping our Client during the design phase.

Improve Plant Design
"Can you rapidly determine the most profitable, controllable,
and reliable design?"
By taking advantage of integrated steady-state /dynamic modelling, the tradeoffs between optimal steady-state design and operability may be considered to design processes that minimise capital investment and are robust, safe, and easy to operate.

• Graphically build a clear and concise process flowsheet.
• Specify equipment heat and material balances.
• Easy transition between steady state design and dynamic operability capabilities.




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